Monday, January 20, 2014


It's a big day in the music world that surrounds me! Stine Bramsen released her first solo single!

Who is Stine Bramsen? You don't know?! Okay, time for some backstory.

Back in about 2007 or 2008, my awesome friend, Ed, told me that I needed to listen to a Danish pop group called Alphabeat. He knows my musical taste better than I do, and he was positive I'd go bananas over this band. ...he was right.

The band became this quick love for me that has never seemed to fade out. Alphabeat has a sound that really can't be compared to anything that I've heard before. Their three albums are all quite different from each other, which I like. They aren't afraid to experiment with new sounds, and they don't let themselves get pigeonholed into making just one type of music. I think the variety of music that they put out really reflects how talented they all are.

Alphabeat has been very popular and well known throughout Europe, but not as much here in the States. Back when the Spice Girls were planning their big reunion tour, they asked Alphabeat to open for them. Such a huge deal. However, Alphabeat turned the opportunity down. They also were asked by Katy Perry to open for her, which would have included shows in the States. I believe that due to scheduling issues, they had to back out of it.

The group has two lead vocalists, one of which is the only female in the band, Stine Bramsen. This chick's voice completely and utterly blows me away. I don't know how that powerful voice can come out of such a small person! Her upper register is so impressive because it doesn't sound like anyone else's. She's so unique in pop music. Plus, she's got such fierce style and is insanely beautiful.

While Alphabeat is taking a little break (the didn't break up, thank God), Stine decided to try her hand at a solo album. Of course, I completely lost my mind hearing this news... as did my husband, Matt. Stine's first single is actually out TODAY! Yes! FINALLY! The song is called "Prototypical", and really reminds me of edgy European pop music, with a touch of Adele. Her voice quite bluesy, and I am so thankful that on the single her voice sounds like she does live. Matt and I cannot stop listening to this song and singing it around the house.

My friends, you need to experience this girl's talent. To listen to the single and purchase it, go to, or find it on iTunes.

Matt and I have seriously talked about how much it would be to travel to Denmark to see her live. It's a far fetched dream at the moment, so I can only hope that she comes to the States to do a show. Matt and I have already decided we'll fly anywhere in the U.S. to see her. There are very few musicians that we feel THAT hardcore about. When we got our dog, Ellie, we decided to give her the middle name Stine, since we wanted to name her after an interest that we had in common. Stine, you should feel super honored that we love you that much. :p

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