Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dearest Dexter Morgan

There are two types of people... TV people, and movie people.

I'm a TV person.

It's not that I don't enjoy movies, because I do, it's just that my attention span is often times very short, so television tends to work well for me. I remember when television shows started coming out on VHS and DVD. My world felt forever changed. I remember the first show I owned on VHS... Pee Wee's Playhouse. Soon after that, DVDs were becoming popular and a family member bought me a five episode DVD of "Friends." That REALLY changed my life.

A while back, Matt and I got into the television show "Dexter" that aired on Showtime. We started season one on Netflix, and continued watching the rest of the series either on Showtime as it aired, or on Netflix later to catch up. We have caught up on the last two seasons of Dexter in the last two weeks, and it has been really enjoyable.

If you don't know anything about the show, it's about a blood spatter analyist, Dexter, who also is a secret seriel killer. He doesn't just kill anyone. He kills people who murder innocent people. The series is really about him trying to co-exist in the world with humans that aren't psychopaths like him.

During the eight seasons, the show had a lot of ups and downs. Some seasons seemed nearly perfect in every way, like seasons four and seven. Sadly, one of the weakest seasons has been the final season. However, it's such a fantastic show overall.

What I think is so brilliant about Dexter, is that it has the audience rooting for a seriel killer. It really messes with the human mind and what we've been taught is right. It makes me toy the idea that if Dexter were a real person, would I support him?

If you haven't seen the final episode of the series, don't read any further than this. SPOILERS AHEAD, got it?!

While there were some really unrealistic and flat out ridiculous happenings in the final episode, I am overall really okay with where everyone ended up. Matt really wished for more of happy ending, but I live in a realistic world. Yes, Quinn not even mentioning his previous hunch of Dexter having a dark side when he saw the video of Dexter killing Saxon was bananas. Yes, Dexter rolling Deb's body out of the busy hospital and onto his boat is the most unrealistic thing I've seen in the entire show. And yes, the fact that no one saw Hannah use a horse tranquilizer on a bus doesn't make any sense.

Despite all of that nonsense, Dexter's isolation from the entire world he knew before is brilliant. Deb's death made him finally realize just how much damage he's done to everyone around him. Because he finally became less of a monster, and more of a human, he eventually admitted to himself that he can have geniune feelings toward other people. Because of how much he loved Hannah and Harrison, he knew he had to protect them. As Dexter said, all he wanted for the longest time was to feel what other people felt, and when he finally did he just wanted it to stop. Where Dex ended up is truly the worst type of torture for him.

I think that the writers really had a tough job on their hands in terms of wrapping Dexter up in a way that pleased the audience as a whole. I keep reading blog articles slamming the finale, but no one has a suggestion for an alternate ending that would have been any better. Killing off Dexter would have left an icky taste in a lot of people's mouths. Especially given the fact that Dexter is actually quite a likeable character. Dexter ending up in prison would have seemed too obvious, leaving the thought, "why didn't he get caught before now?"

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the progression of Dexter's character is the opposite of Walter White's transformation in Breaking Bad. While Dexter started as a monster who became more human, Walt started as a selfless human that eventually became a twisted, self-serving monster. I really think comparing the two shows is like comparing apples to oranges. I'm sure a ton of people disagree with me though.

If you've seen Dexter at all, I'd really like to hear your thoughts about the show, and the ending if you've seen it.

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  1. I've seen all of the seasons but I've been rewatching it from the beginning during Henry's naps. Season 3 is the worst, in my opinion.
    As for the ending...I was okay with it. But I think I would rather they killed him off.